GasmaskGirl The Black Latex Hood (2013).

     In this 35 minute movie Foot Goddess Laudanum and Mistress Luna play with feet, ass, and latex before they kill the Coyote from Sinaloa.

PayPal: $12.00

GasmaskGirl Falaka Bastinado (2013).

     21:03 minute BDSM movie. It is Episode 2 of GasmaskGirl The Eclipse (2014). Video contains horror, nudity, bondage, latex, spankings and foot fetish. GasmaskGirl Laudnam and Mistress Luna have a Vamp of a time.

PayPal: $10.00

GasmasKGirl LaTex Purple Bottom Trailer


GasmaskGirl in the video GasmaskGirl Latex Purple Bottom.

    Laudanum is taken to a secret location in Arizona where she endures falaka bastinado, spankings and torture. While at a secret location being expirmented on, she escapes and tortures Mistress Luna. For 15 USD you can own this 29:09 minute movie.

PayPal: $15.00

GasmaskGirl Apple Bottom Trailer

Watch the trailer then buy  the"GasmaskGIrl Apple Bottom" video.


    As she struggles to stay alive, Colombian Foot Goddess Laudanum is forced into slavery by the Cartel. During her captivity she is stripped naked, tortured, bound, ass spanked and foot spanked. For 15 US dollars you can download this 45 minute movie.

PayPal: $15.00

GasmaskGirl Laudanum from the GasmaskGirl Apple Bottom video.

GasmaskGirl Laudanum from the GasmaskGirl Apple Bottom video.

GasmaskGirl Breath Control II Trailer

GasmaskGirl Breath Control II (2013).

GasmaskGirl Laudanum in a video.

     In this 32 minute film foot goddess Laudanum is captured by the Sinaloa cartel in a motel in El Paso, where they beaten and is forced into bondage and breath control. Video contains nudity, bondage, breath control, beatings, foot fetish and death.

PayPal: $11.00

GasmaskGirl The Latex Enema Trailer


    36 minute BDSM movie. Video contains nudity, bondage, latex, spanking, and age play. Mama Dearest prepares GasmaskGirl's enema to rid GasmaskGirl of her smelly feet.

PayPal: $12.00

GasmaskGirl the Latex Enema video photo.

GasmaskGirl the Latex Enema video photo.

GasmaskGirl The Rapture (2013).

GasmaskGirl NerveGasGirl in Gas mask Girl Resurrection.

     GamaskGirl The Rapture is the 5th GasmasGirl Movie. Video is 22 minutes long, contains horror, nudity, bondage, latex, and foot fetish. GasmaskGirl Laudanum and GasmaskGirl Priscilla torture the Rubber Stein.

PayPal: $10.00

GasmaskGirl The Resurrection Trailer

GasmaskGirl The Resurrection (2010).

GasmaskGirl Alexis from the video GasmaskGirl The Resurrection.

     This video has more fetish than the previous two GasmaskGirl movies. This is the third video in the series. Video is 45 minutes in length.

PayPal: $4.00

GasmaskeGirl The Transformation (2009).

GasmaskGirl The Transformation video photo.

     It is approximatley 34 minutes. This is the best fetish horror movie ever. It is based on the GasmaskeGirl comic book and it is a prequel to "GasmaskeGirl Return To Civilization." .

PayPal: $4.00

Nerve Gas Girl in Rubber Play Latex.

GasmaskGirl Nerve Gas Girl in the video.

     In this video Nerve Gas Girl enjoys rubber and latex. Running time is 20 minutes.

PayPal: $4.00

GasmaskGirl Breath Control Experiment.

GasmaskGirl Breath Control video,

     NerveGasGirl experiments with Breath Control. This Video is 20 minutes.

PayPal: $4.00

GasmaskGirl Sarin Latex Foot Goddess.

GasmaskGirl Sarin in the video GasmaskGirl

This 20 minute video includes GasmaskeGirl Sarin.

PayPal: $4.00