GasmaskGirl Rise of The Latex Latina.

 In their first BDSM movie; watch 2017 nominated AVN porno stars’ Jasmine Summers star as GasmaskGirl Elizabeth and Bella Bendz star as Mistress Despina.  In this 33 minute movie, Despina captured Elizabeth. She then bound, stripped her naked, spanked, gagged and performed Falaka bastinado on poor Elizabeth. Elizabeth was then forced to escape by using her feet as hands to remove her handcuffs 

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GasmaskGirl Rise of The Latex Domina.

     In this 16 minute movie, Mistress Porcelain Midnight stars as GasmaskGirl Cyanide. She is captured and bound by GasmaskGirl Tokyo. Tokyo tickles Cyanide's feet, performs Falaka Bastinado, and spanks the Domina until the tables are turned on Tokyo. As a result, GasmaskGirl Tokyo is spanked like never before.

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Glamour Bondage Lesson Part 1.

     In this 29 minute movie GasmaskGirl Persia learns and experiences the pleasures of ball gags and bondage.

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When a Latex Stranger Calls, Part 1 of 2.

17 minutes of latex, gas masks, and suspense.

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Falaka Bastinado III Rise of The Latex Goddess.

     In this 39 minute movie, GasmaskGirl Laudanum is tortured by the Whisper. She is spanked and tortured by the Whisper.

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Becki Butterfly Bounds The Plastic Stein.

     This famous Big Beautiful Woman makes her BDSM and fetish debut. In her first BDSM and fetish movie she is captured by the Evil Plastic Stein and taken to a secret location in which she quickly turns the tide on the evildoer. This 32 minute movie contains nudity.

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GasmaskGirl Rainwear Search for Dave.

     This 19.36 minute movie contains catsuits, rubber boots, rubber glovex and latex clothing.

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GasmaskGirl Latex Smugglers Blues.

    A BDSM Latina drug mule story. A 34 minute movie about Latina anal drug mules. Movie contains latex, Latina BDSM, Lesbianism, smoking, farting, toilet use, foot fetish spankings, vaginal and anal play. Not suitable for minors. Los Contrabandistas Tijuana Una película BDSM Latina.

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